Monday, December 8, 2008

Baby Shower Weekend!

This was a wonderful weekend! I have wonderful friends and family who threw me 2 wonderful baby showers!

On Saturday the 6th, Mom and I drove up to Bowling Green KY for baby shower number 1 thrown by my friend Sarah Edmundson. Mom was able to have lunch with her longtime friend Donna Rigdon and I met up early with Sarah for a little pre-baby shower lunch of Bowling Green's finest - Mancinos!

The shower started at 2 and we had a great spread of potato skins, mini quiches, dip, fruit, cream puffs, cookies, and more! Sarah went above and beyond and we had a great time eating and catching up with friends that we hadn't seen in too too long. And of course, we had to play some fun baby games. We had a blast trying to catch each other saying the word "baby" and were trying to capture as many clothes pins as possible to try and win the prize. Sarah had also loaded up a clear container with baby diapers and we had to guess how many diapers were packed into the container. 103 diapers to be exact! Finally, all the woman had to guess how big my belly had gotten - scary thought! They had to cut a run of yarn that they thought equaled the measurement around the belly and then they all got measured. Mom was the winner! She guessed within 1 inch - good job mom! Present time came next.

I received some wonderful gifts - a bouncer, little pink outfits, teeny wash clothes and hoody towels, blankets, toys, slings, monitors and more. But more than this, I already feel that our little girl is loved and that we are blessed for having these women in our lives. I will always cherish the advice and memories that were passed around from mothers who have gone before me. They reminded me that I will not always do everything perfect, but we will learn together and no matter what, she will always love me. Thank you Sarah, for all the time and love you put into this shower. For all the women who joined us, I will always remember this time preparing for our little girls arrival and you made it even more special. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

After our Bowling Green shower, Mom and I kept heading north to Owensboro. We had a great night with my sweet Nana :) The next morning we took Nana to Mass at Precious Blood and enjoyed seeing the John Rudy Clan at church. Spending time with my Nana and mom was great, I heard stories from when Nana had her twins many years ago - it is amazing how times have changed! I wish we could visit more often, but even just this visit did good for my heart :)

The Rudy women gathered at 12:30 at my aunt Weenie's house for a beautiful baby shower luncheon. Weenie went above and beyond and fixed a great lunch of Chicken Poppy Seed cassarole, spinach salad with raspberries, blueberries, and candied pecans, and a wonderful orange cranberry bread. Oh and the dessert! Peppermint ice cream pie with a chocolate crust and hot chocolate sauce drizzled overtop. mmm mm good :)

It is a rare occasion that just the women are able to gather and gossip! I heard stories from them when they were children, and their stories of raising their own children! We laughed and carried on through lunch and into present time - I learned many fun things about my own mother from her friend Donna who was also able to join us with her daughter Holly. My little one received great gifts of clothes and toys, a Bumbo, blankies and crib sheets, and her first Baby Einstein dvd - among many other pretty pink things. Thank you to my aunts and cousins and friends who were able to join us for this time - it is more than special to be able to learn from my family before starting my own family.

Well I must wrap this up! My weekend of baby showers was wonderful but exausting and I must now head into work! Again, thank to everyone who joined in the fun - Enjoy the few pictures I have posted here and more at

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