Monday, December 22, 2008

A plea for help!

Some of you may have received this via email or facebook, we just wanted to get the word out every way we know how!


  1. We're in for as much as we can do. On my calendar.

  2. Oh, Jordan! So sorry to hear about all the bedrest and everything happening at once. Just keep reminding yourself of the end result. Believe me, those sweet precious babies are worth it all! I'll discuss all this with Jimmy and see what we can do to help out. Not sure I'd be much help with moving at this point, but I could certainly sacrifice Jimmy for a day or two! ;0) And I can cook and bring movies or whatever you need/want. I'll be sure to get in touch with you or someone once we're back in town early next week. Take care of yourself. Here's my email if you need anything or just get bored and want to chat: I'm also on facebook so you can look me up there as well. Love and prayers to you!