Friday, June 10, 2011

Then and Now! June

So I got inspired by my friend Parker and her blog to do a "then and now" post to see what we have been up to the last couple Junes - here we go!

So June 2008 - when Charlotte began her existence and we didn't even know it!  Jeff and I went down to Destin and Panama City Beach for vacation and for Jeff's sister Ashley's wedding on the beach!  I was a little emotional and not feeling the greatest - who knew, it was because I was pregnant!

A couple weeks later, we bought a test - voila!  (funny story, this test was taken in Super Target!  We had one at home that we did but didn't want to just take one so we both called in sick to work, headed to Target, bought the test and a drink and off I went! lol  We have always loved Target so I guess it's fitting! Plus, we got to go straight to the baby section and get all goo-goo baby crazy!)

June 2009 - Charlotte made her arrival in January and is now 5 months old! She was such a very very happy child and pretty easy to take care of too! (and still is!)

And of course being June the pool was open so we spent lots of sunny days relaxing in the cool waters :)

June 2010: Charlotte really had fun this year in the water since she was able to walk around with the sprinklers and go down the slide at our rec center pool!

And here we are at June 2011! We haven't made it to the pool yet this summer, but I know Charlotte is gonna have a blast when we do get to go!  For now we are enjoying being indoors in the AC and playing with fun toys like the tent! (and the iPad of course!)

And a new favorite food: Cantaloupe! but it HAS to be on a big fork like momma and daddy!

So far June 2011 has been a good one! We are looking forward to a week of vacation that will include a trip to Owensboro and Bowling Green Kentucky, and some good ol' summer fun!

What about you?  What was June like last year or the year before that?  Amazing what changes a year can bring!

Monday, June 6, 2011

$1 Summer Movies!

I am very excited about a cool thing to do this summer - go to the movies!  Charlotte has yet to experience the whole "lets go to the movies" thing - tickets are so expensive we didn't want to chance her not liking it or being too loud and having to leave!

I think this is the perfect way to introduce her to the theatre - Carmike Cinema's Summer Kids Series! Tickets are just $1 per person and the theatre will be filled with other kids and parents so she won't have to be so very quiet!  Even if we do have to leave, we have only wasted a couple bucks and not $20+  They even have a $4 kids bucket with popcorn, drink, and fruit snack.  How cute!  Movies will be shown Thursdays at 10:00am - perfect timing to fit in that afternoon nap still.

We have tons of friends that want to go too, my sister is home for the summer, my Mom usually has Thursdays off, Jeff can always steal away from his work for a couple hours, and of course I have Thursdays off!  Looks like you can find us at the theatre most Thursdays :)

You can go here to find out more about this great program, I went ahead and called our local theatre Thoroughbred 20 in Franklin/Cool Springs to get exact movie dates. Starting Thursday June 9, they will go in this order:

Hotel for Dogs

How to Train Your Dragon

Kung Foo Panda

Madagascar 1

Madagascar 2


Monsters Vs. Aliens

Shrek 1

Shrek 2

The Last Airbender

Obviously some of these movies are too old for my 2 year old daughter, but I think there are quite a few we can go too!  If you have any opinions on them (especially for a 2yo girl) please chime in!   If you are local and would like to go to the movies with us sometime, let's chat!  Charlotte and I would love to have movie friends.

So to recap: $1 per person, per show at 10:00am on Thursday's starting June 9!  Whoohoo!

Regal Cinemas is also having a $1 movie program, called Summer Movie Express, on Tuesday and Wednesdays at 10:00.  The Regal Cinemas that is closest to me is not showing these movies, so we would have to go to Green Hills.  A possibility if we really want to see one of these movies, but  I think we'll be good with the ones in Cool Springs :)  You can go here to find out about their program and what theatre is closest to you!  Here is a peek at the Green Hills line up: