Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Trip #2

Less than a week after our Trip #1, C and I hit the road AGAIN!  This one took a lot of planning, especially in packing.  We/I traveled 4 states in 4 days!  All so I could see my sister Hannah and attend her concert at University of Cincinnati: College Conservatory of Music - and it was totally worth it!! :)

Wednesday night C and I had a quick dinner with Jeff and hit the road.  We got to my parents house  just in time to put Charlotte down for bedtime.  The next morning, we loaded up and got on I65 to Bowling Green KY.  We weren't gonna subject Charlotte to our Cincinnati whirlwind trip, and she was more than thrilled to stay with her Granna and Grandad for the night.  They went shopping, ate and played at Chick Fil A, had a sleepover with cousin Reese and caused all kinds of trouble, I'm sure!  She is still talking about her little trip. :)

Mom, Dad, and I kept driving north until we got to Cincinnati OH!  Thankfully, we were able to stay ahead of all the storms and tornados. It was a hard knowing that Jeff was in AL, Charlotte was in KY, we had family in both KY and TN, and we were in OH to visit Hannah.  All these states had tornados, hail, and rain traveling through. We all came out of it untouched other than a power outage.

Hannah had no clue that I was coming up with Mom and Dad, so it was great being able to knock on her door and see her face as she opened it!  I loved seeing where she is spending her 2 years of graduate school. Her apartment is super cute and the CU campus is beautiful!

Before her concert, we had time to go to dinner - PF Changs!!  One of my favorite places - spring rolls and chicken fried rice - double yum.  I missed Jeff and Charlotte, but it was great catching up as the Shoopman family of 4.

Our evening was capped off by a lovely Orchestra concert by CCM.  Hannah played principal oboe in the firs

t half of the concert - it's great being able to go to a concert and hear her great solos!!  Now, classical music isn't really my thing, but if Hannah is playing, I know it's gonna be a good one :)

The next day, we all had breakfast at our hotel and found something wonderful to do with the rest of our day - IKEA!! I've never been but always wanted to go.  Amazing place!!

I had looked online before and thought their stuff was well priced, but never knew how great the quality was as well.  It is just as good as most furniture stores we've looked at, but so much more affordable - not to mention, super cute. We were all in awe as we walked around - taking pictures of so much that we loved.

Mom is trying out a great recliner that does not look like a recliner! yay!

I started making plans on what to buy for our next house :)  I'm starting to pin things here to keep track of what I want. Like this:

Mom, Dad, and Hannah each found a chair to get - $69 bucks and totally comfortable.

I was amazed at the size of everything - here is the area you go to pick up the furniture that you want to buy:

Of course almost everything I got was for Charlotte - a great car rug for $14, finger puppets for $4, and an awesome paper roll for C's coloring for $11.

After our morning of shopping, we grabbed some mexican for lunch, and Greaters ice cream before we had to say our goodbyes.  It was so great seeing Hannah.  I'm excited that she is gonna be down for spring break in just a couple weeks!

We drove back to KY, picked up Charlotte, stopped in to visit Nana (who is still in the hospital), stopped at Zaxby's for dinner, and all collapsed into bed!  Sunday we had a little bit of a lazy morning and then headed back to AL.  Now we get a couple week break before hitting the pavement again :)  See you next time!

It was a beautiful day for a drive home Sunday morning!

Trip #1

I never seem to blog enough so then I have huge "round up" posts - guess you can settle in and catch up!!

The past 2 weeks, Charlotte and I have made 2 trips north!  We are looking forward to a couple weeks at home before Jeff travels to Brunei (on the island of Malasia) for a work trip for about 10 days.  When that happens, Charlotte and I are planning to take some long trips to KY and TN to keep company with friends and family :)  Anyway, back to our first trip.

Jeff had a long week at work, plus a lot of freelance video work to do the week of Feb 20th, so that Thursday - Saturday, Charlotte and I decided to visit Spring Hill.  It actually worked out perfectly, that Thursday morning, my grandmother fell in her home and had to be taken to the hospital.  My dad was in Seattle and my mom was stuck at work, so since I was actually heading up to visit her that morning, I took a detour to the hospital instead.  Since spending hours at the hospital wasn't great for a 3 year old, my dear friend Allison let me drop Charlotte off at her house to spend the day.  I was glad I was able to be with Nana in the ER., she was dehydrated, among other things, so she was pretty loopy and weak.  Though it was not the exact way I wanted to visit her, it was the best thing I could have done for her. After she was moved upstairs to her permanent room, I left so she could get some rest.

At that point, C had just laid down for her nap, so I went ahead to Encores Consignment sale to  stock up on clothes and toys for the upcoming season.  I do this twice a year, and was really glad I could schedule a TN trip during the sale. Before we left, Charlotte was very patient with me and let me try on all of her summer clothes that were 2T so I could make a list of things she'll need. :)

I aways take pictures of the clothes that still fit, so I can match the new stuff!

My mom got off work and picked C up at Allison's house so I had a little more free time to myself!!  After Encores, I went to get my haircut. I had it straightened with my new Wet to Dry straightener so wanted to get it dry cut so I'd know what it would look like straight.  During the haircut, I was told I have thin hair, seriously?? I always thought of my hair as think and wavy - it is as a whole, but apparently each hair is actually thin.  The hair dresser said I need to use a leave in conditioner to make it silkier and shinier. I always wanted that, but thought my dried out/somewhat frizzy hair was just how it is.  After she put on that conditioner, I was sold! My hair looked and felt so much better.  I never buy the products they suggest but I did this time.  How did I go 28 years and never know this!?  Yay for new hair! haha  Afterward, I headed back to my parents house to spend the night.  Mom and I were both worn out and watched Water for Elephants - it was a wonderful movie!

The next day, we meet Allison and her kiddos Hazen and Laney at Let It Shine Gymnastics.  On Fridays, they have open play for an hour, for $5 bucks the kids get to jump on trampolines, try out some of the gymnastics equipment and have a good time getting some energy out!!  Charlotte loved it all!  I am hoping the next trip to Spring Hill will be on a friday so we can go again!!

Falling in the foam blocks

Running down the super long trampoline

Rolling down the mats

Mom took Charlotte home afterwards and let me have even more "me" time!!  I wasn't as successful at the Encores sale as I had hoped, so I visited the consignment shop in town "Here We Grow Again" and found a few things there. My next stop was Goodwill - and I always find good stuff there!  Clothes for C, a shirt for jeff, and of course new toys.  I can't help but buy stuff for Charlotte. I never find anything for myself.  I guess that is part of being a mom!

We spent Saturday with my Dad and just had a little trip to the library (as Charlotte calls it, her "old" library) to play with the trains.

All in all, it was a busy but wonderful visit home!