Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bronchitis :(

Wellllll boo.  I have bronchitis.  It is not a fun time in the House of Lyons.  Charlotte has a double ear infection and is finally cutting her first tooth, and I am battling bronchitis and a sinus infection.  Poor Jeff is worn out from taking care of us both.

I just got back from my doctors appointment where I learned a few things.

1. they don't think I have the flu (seasonal or swine) as they swabbed me and the test came back negative.  However, the test is not 100% accurate so they can't say 100% that I don't have it. (did you know this?? what good is a test then...)

2. I either had a touch of the flu or another viral infection that has now caused a bacteria infection in my lungs - hince the bacterial bronchitis.

3. my bronchitis is now causing a sinus infection.

4. I am on some major antibiotics to keep it at bay to avoid pneumonia. Ugh.

5. I sound like a man. Please do not call me, I am available only via email or text cause seriously it does take a lot of energy to talk.

6. I could still get a very high fever in the next couple days and can expect to have no energy. double ugh.

7. I have an amazing husband.  He had to take care of Charlotte yesterday quarantined upstairs since she was sick while I was downstairs with the other kids.  Now, he has to watch her today and some of tomorrow while I am quarantined myself!  He is totally worn out and not getting any of his work done :(  But, he puts a smile on her face no one else can, even with her teeth and ears hurt.  What a Daddy!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween in Bowling Green

Charlotte's first Halloween was spent in Bowling Green Kentucky with us, her grandparent's (Jeff's parents), her Uncle Matt and Aunt Cheryl and cousin Reese!  This was a last minute over night trip, but we are so glad we were able to spend time with the Lyons family.  Sadly we missed our Trunk or Treat at the Bridge and Charlotte did not wear her costume, but we had a great Halloween anyway!

What a ham!

We have learned more so over the past few weeks than any other time that Charlotte is a HAM!!  She looooves having her photo taken, will grin for just about anybody, and loves to clap and dance for herself.  Love Her.

Since she has started crawling it's like this whole other person emerged.  Not only is she different physically - crawling, cruising, trying to walk, sitting in carts and high chairs, etc.  She seems to have grown up over night.  She is eating her finger foods like a pro, drinking pretty well from her Sippy cup, and is slowing but surely moving into the "toddler food."  She has the biggest grin, the sweetest giggle, under her chin is now her favorite tickle spot, she has learned to "motor boat" (even while eating), and her daddy is her favorite playmate.

What a joy she is to have in our lives! Here are a few photos of my precious little one.. ham it up baby![gallery order="DESC" columns="5"]

The seasons may change...

The last 2 weeks have been very interesting for the House of Lyons.  Jeff is working at home now! This is a very exciting opportunity for Jeff to be able to do freelance video production full time out of our home.  Charlotte and I love having him at home with us to make us laugh or get a hug anytime!  It is a huge adjustment for both Jeff and I because this means that we both work out of our home.  It has provided it's tense moments for sure as we inadvertently overlap and have different needs for food, or quiet, or help throughout the day.  We get so much more time together now - no commute, and we can make lunch together!

The only downside to this new work arrangement... it was not our choice for timing!  Sadly, this decision was made by Jeff's former employer NorthStar Studios 2 weeks ago and that was that.  Doing freelance video full time was always something that Jeff wanted to pursue within the next year or so, but not this month!  The biggest downside to this is obviously financially.  We are not as set as we'd like to be with savings, and while Jeff has gained many clients in the past months, they do not bring in enough to be his only source of income.   Jeff is working very hard to bring in new clients and new projects, as well as pursue possible full time positions with other companies.  Only God knows where Jeff will land!

While this change brings lots of uncertainty, we are both experiencing a seemingly strange sense of calm.  When Jeff came home with the news, we were both amazed at how easy I took the news and didn't cry! (for those that know me, that is saying a lot!) I have complete faith in my God and my husband and am excited about the opportunities that this may bring Jeff and our family.  I love you babe!

Ironically enough, Jeff just got in his new MacPro set up in the week prior to his being let go from NorthStar.  We consider this good timing as we would not have spent this money if the timing had been off by just 2 weeks! Now Jeff has all the equipment he needs to produce the best videos he can - let's hit the ground running!

Here are a few photos of his new set up!  The pictures don't do it justice - the walls were painted a steel blue, the far wall has an clear acryllic dry erase board that is just awesome, and Jeff's displays are very impressive! Of course you can't have an office without the two loves: Titans and Gaming!  Jeff really brought his personality into his office and made it very comfortable (good, since he'll be spending 8+ hours a day in it!)

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