Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bronchitis :(

Wellllll boo.  I have bronchitis.  It is not a fun time in the House of Lyons.  Charlotte has a double ear infection and is finally cutting her first tooth, and I am battling bronchitis and a sinus infection.  Poor Jeff is worn out from taking care of us both.

I just got back from my doctors appointment where I learned a few things.

1. they don't think I have the flu (seasonal or swine) as they swabbed me and the test came back negative.  However, the test is not 100% accurate so they can't say 100% that I don't have it. (did you know this?? what good is a test then...)

2. I either had a touch of the flu or another viral infection that has now caused a bacteria infection in my lungs - hince the bacterial bronchitis.

3. my bronchitis is now causing a sinus infection.

4. I am on some major antibiotics to keep it at bay to avoid pneumonia. Ugh.

5. I sound like a man. Please do not call me, I am available only via email or text cause seriously it does take a lot of energy to talk.

6. I could still get a very high fever in the next couple days and can expect to have no energy. double ugh.

7. I have an amazing husband.  He had to take care of Charlotte yesterday quarantined upstairs since she was sick while I was downstairs with the other kids.  Now, he has to watch her today and some of tomorrow while I am quarantined myself!  He is totally worn out and not getting any of his work done :(  But, he puts a smile on her face no one else can, even with her teeth and ears hurt.  What a Daddy!

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