Thursday, April 9, 2009

Such a big girl!

Charlotte is getting so big! It is amazing how much a baby can change in just 11 weeks.  She looks so different - her face is filling out, her eyes are getting lighter, her fingers are so long!  She is now smiling, such a big toothless smile :) She is noticing so much more: the fan, lights, faces - and noticing her fist with her mouth too!  she hasn't quite gotten the thumb in there, but she loves the side of her fist! Charlotte is much stronger now too now - she is holding her head up completely and has great tummy time.  She is spending a few minutes a day in her Bumbo which hopefully will help her build her tummy and back muscles and she'll be sitting up in no time.  I love playing airplane with her too :) 

The best sounds I hear right now are the cooing!! She just talks and talks to us, I wish I knew what she was saying.  I'll mimic her sounds and we'll go back and forth just chatting together. The funniest sounds come out right after she sneezes, she does this little throaty ooo sound, so funny. With her cooing and smiling so big I keep thinking that anytime now she is going to start laughing at me, its just right there at the tip of her tongue I know it!  I cannot WAIT for that first giggle! 

Another big achievement... she slept from 9pm to 4am!  Jeff and I woke up at 4 to her cries both wondering if the other had gotten up and fed her earlier - but nope!  Big girl slept for 7 hours between feedings. Here is to hoping we'll have many many more nights like this! 

I think that is all the updates I have for now.  I have posted new photos on my mobile me and facebook pages, so visit to take a peek at this sweet little girl. 

The many faces of Charlotte Bug..



Bridge Women's Overnight

Last weekend I was able to go on the Bridge Women's Overnight trip at Cindy Kinnards cabin up near Lebanon. We had a great group of women: Cindy, Audrey Goodwin, Emily Powis, Marianne Shoopman, Susan Howerton, me and the Charlotte bug.  The cabin is located on 150 acres of beautiful countryside with a winding creek, small pond, and quaint little cabin.  We fit perfectly in the cabin and had a great pot luck dinner with a toasty fire in the background.  After dinner we played a rousing game of Catch Phrase - we had a blast!  It was so cozy hanging around the cabin in our PJs and just talking. All the sudden it was after midnight so we all decided to turn in for the night.  

Saturday we slept in and woke to a breakfast of french toast, egg casserole, bacon and more.  We took a wonderful hike around the property - it was a little chilly but the sun warmed us up nicely.  We relaxed after the hike and then had a great devotional that Cindy had prepared.  After lunch we all packed up and headed up.  We had a great weekend and I got to know this group of great women even better!  I feel so blessed to have a church family that can have fun together :) Enjoy a few photos here and on my website  you can download or upload photos there too!



Busy Weekend and it's only Saturday night!

*I just found this post in the drafts folder that never got posted! oops! It was meant to be posted March 8th... little late...*

Yesterday started with MY 6 week check up at my OB.  I am excited to say that I have gotten a clean bill of health :)  I am so excited - I get to do my 2 favorite things now: long baths and the hot tub!  But seriously, I am healing right along schedule and just have a bit of pain when my stomach muscles really contract - like sneezing or coughing.  I have to say that the C-section was not nearly as bad as all the stories you hear, so if you are reading this and may have to have one yourself don't worry!  I think there are pros and cons, ups and downs for either type of birth and they each come with their own types of pain and healing and experiences.  It was great taking Charlotte to the office and have every one ooo and ahhh over her - of course they all said she was the most beautiful baby ever and all I can do is agree of course!