Thursday, April 9, 2009

Busy Weekend and it's only Saturday night!

*I just found this post in the drafts folder that never got posted! oops! It was meant to be posted March 8th... little late...*

Yesterday started with MY 6 week check up at my OB.  I am excited to say that I have gotten a clean bill of health :)  I am so excited - I get to do my 2 favorite things now: long baths and the hot tub!  But seriously, I am healing right along schedule and just have a bit of pain when my stomach muscles really contract - like sneezing or coughing.  I have to say that the C-section was not nearly as bad as all the stories you hear, so if you are reading this and may have to have one yourself don't worry!  I think there are pros and cons, ups and downs for either type of birth and they each come with their own types of pain and healing and experiences.  It was great taking Charlotte to the office and have every one ooo and ahhh over her - of course they all said she was the most beautiful baby ever and all I can do is agree of course!

I got the go ahead for chiropractic adjustments too - yippee!  I haven't been to the chiro since October but actually the pregnancy helped instead of hurt like I thought it would.  Of course it helped that I was on some form of bed rest the last 3 months of my pregnancy.  I was excited about being able to go back.  Nothing major was bothering me, just some headaches.  and again I was able to show her off!

After the afternoon of doctors appointments my sister Hannah and her boy-toy-Roy came in town to visit, so we had a family dinner (lacking Jeff as he had to work late).  Hannah was so amazed at how big she had gotten in just a couple weeks.  It was great spending time with both her and Roy and my parents.  Jeff came over at about 8 after he had gotten off work and we hit the hot tub!  It has been at least 10 months since I was able to get in so it was amazing!  We spent a good 30-45 minutes just soaking up the  bubbles while Dad was inside with the Bug.   It was so relaxing for us both.[gallery]

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