Monday, April 30, 2012

A Pinterest Post for Mom

I know I am totally behind on blogging about our family and Charlotte, I'll have to be a little more behind cause this post is for my mom!  She was very proud of her latest project and wanted to put it on Pinterest but didn't know how. I offered to put up a quick blog and pictures for her and "pin" it for her :) So here goes!

My parents are doing a bit of a Master Bedroom redecoration (largely IKEA based!) and my Mom came up with this great idea for some shelving.  My Mom has an old sewing machine that she displayed family photos on for as long as I could remember, but it didn't really match up with her new contemporary IKEA chairs.  So, it was time to find a new way to display the photos.

There is an unused little corner between two big windows that could house some shelves, but mom wanted to do something a little different than just one shelf  a few inches above the next shelf, etc.  This is her solution! (apologies, I don't have any "before" or "in process" photos)

She purchased different shelves of varying styles and depths, that would all be about the same width to fit in the space. She hung them alternating between the walls.  By doing this, it took up a lot more visual space, gave more space to house the photos, and was very visually appealing.

Overall, I think she had a great idea and executed it very well!  It is a wonderful centerpiece to this reading nook in my parents master bedroom.  We just wanted to share the photos, and maybe inspire you to hang your shelves in a little different way! Enjoy :)