Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ultrasound fun

Welcome again everyone to our ultrasound! We had our 19 week visit today with the "big" ultrasound that measured everything and checked to make sure she had 10 fingers and 10 toes and that I was doing my part as well! She looks perfect! The ultrasound was about 45 minutes long, and my mom Marianne and Jeff's mom Jolene were able to join us to see their first granddaughter in action. It was a little tough to get all the shots they needed because she wouldn't cooperate (she normally does not!) so I will go get yet another ultrasound in a couple weeks up in Nashville. They said they are at a 98% that she is totally healthy and growing fine, but still need a couple checks for anatomy and such. Hey, I get to see my little girl even more so it works for me :)

She has moved up quite a bit over the past few weeks, her feet were up near my bellybutton, that is when she was not in her favorite position - a ball. We got to see her feet and hands, she kept hitting herself in the head for some reason, haha. She is 8 inches long head to toe and weighs 11oz - randomly, her thigh bone is 1 inch long. We also got to see her kidneys, bladder, her nose and eyes, all 4 chambers of her heart, and finally got to hear it beating at 152 bpm!

All of her photos including her first video can be found at

Monday, September 22, 2008

Jeff's Birthday

Jeff Lyons is 28! This past Saturday was Jeff's birthday, though he had 3 days of celebration! It was crazy thinking that the next birthday he has will include a 7 month old little girl.

The celebration started Tuesday as a surprise- jeff and I went on a picnic! The weather was beautiful, it was my day off, and we wanted to so nothing on Saturday but relax, haha, so all these things added up to surprise birthday picnic. I packed a dinner with tuna salad, chips, grapes and cheese, carrots and ranch... Lots of yummy picnic food. Add a red and white checked tablecloth, wicker basket, and a few bugs and you have a perfect picnic setting at Thompson station park. I even got Brady a bath and some treats so he could come play fetch with us. Overall, it was a relaxing evening to start a birthday celebration.

The next birthday step was Saturday. Jeffs present from me was a mic that he found online that he can game with. Our goal was to do nothing on Saturday but have a relaxing birthday so that he could play with his new toy, and end with a family dinner at zazbys that evening. Unfortunatly that plan didn't last very long. Jeff needed a piece to connect his mic to the iMac, so we began the search in spring hill and that search took us to 100 oaks and cool springs. 4.5 hours later we returned home... Empty handed :( jeff had to resign himself to ordering the part online and we are still waiting for it to come in :( the day got a little better with a zazbys meal with nana, poppa, mom, and dad. Jeff got a keylime pie for dessert, and gifts of $$ and an iphone dock. While Saturday didn't turn out as planned, it was still a good birthday we were able to spend together.

The celebration continued Sunday too!! Jeff had to work sunday for the titans game, but we had birthday dinner that evening. Jeffs parents came down for lasagna dinner with us and my parents and they brought the signature strawberry cake! They also brought a great present- our fun new camera! It is an Olympus 850w, which dosent mean a lot... But it goes underwater!! It is a totally normal looking 8mp, LCD screen, slimline, digital camera but it is waterproof up to 10 feet, plus shockproof, and dirtproof. These are great qualities for a camera when you are going to have a new baby. We are very excited- thanks jim and jo! We finished the night with some football and went to bed that night totally wiped out but (I hope) had a good birthday for jeff.

Happy birthday baby! Love you!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


This past weekend USA Baby was having a "huge" sale. Of course the 60% off sales were few and far between and there were many more of the 25% varity. The prices of this store are usually more than I would ever pay for a crib and such, but just as we were getting ready to leave, we came across a floor model set for sale. It was a beautiful set with a lifetime crib (it can convert to a toddler and then full size bed) and a 6 drawer dresser that can double for the changing table, and a 5 drawer chest that jeff and I are actually going to use! The brand is top notch, great quality that will last for years and the style can grow with her for years to come. It is a contemporary style stained in an espresso brown so it almost looks black. Because of the brand , quality, etc the grouping was originally upwards of 2600.00!! Crazy. Fortunatly, we found one of those great 60% off rareities :) we are thrilled with it! I can't wait to pick out everything else for her room. We have some front runners for nursery bedding and such, I can't wait to register and decorate! It is hard to really see all the details that we love about these pieces in the photos below, but enjoy!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Photos

Hey everybody,

We have uploaded our ultrasound photos to our MobileMe Gallery. I've attached a couple below, but if you'd like to see more then click here.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Drum roll please...

We're having a GIRL!!! After 17 and a half weeks of debates and guessing we finally have our answer, Baby Girl Lyons. Jeff and I were both leaning in this direction and are completly thrilled to finally know. Now we just have to decide on her name, and sorry folks, we are not sharing! It will be announced to the world when she makes her debut this winter.
We were a little worried when we got to the doctor because our nurse said we weren't down for an ultrasound today, but after a little magic we were able to squeeze in for a quick peek and thank heavens she was in the right position!! I would not be able to stand it if we had to keep waiting. We will have our next appt on the 25th for the "big one" where we count all the fingers and toes and make sure she is growing right. It will be about 45 minutes long and we will be able to record part of it as well. We have had more ultrasounds than the norm, but I am ok with that! This one will be just as special. It is amazing seeing her move around and stretch and kick. I will post photos and maybe a movie after the appointment in 2 weeks (I don't think our daughter would want her girl parts spread posted for all to see!) thanks for following!

The "girly clothes" we got today... Pinks, purples, and a dress!!

Her growing wardrobe...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

New digs

As you may or may not know, last January jeff and I moved into the basement apartment of my parents new house in spring hill. We felt the move was best for us so we could save money to get out of debt and prepare for our future: house, kids, etc... Little did we know the "kids" part was gonna happen sooner rather than later!! So even though we have only been here about 9 months and the thought of moving again so soon is not exciting, we need more space! We love where we are now, but it is only a bedroom, an office, living room, and bath. Big enough for us, but it is amazing how much stuff a baby needs.

So we started our search. It is amazing how many places are out there for rent or lease/purchase! We looked at so many places, and time after time felt that we found the house for us. Then time after time we lost out! We kept wondering why were getting excited about a house only to lose it and have to keep looking. Well, I think we figured it out.

We are moving into my family's old house! My parents decided to rent out their old house december 07, but it has not worked out very well, the tenent needs to move out early. And the door opens for us! We are totally excited about the house. We love the area and the floorplan, and it is huge! 2500 sq feet, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, eat in kitchen plus dining, living, family and bonus, 2 car garage... All kinds of space. A little big for us now, but it will be great for us to grow into. We are going to have the opportunity to purchase in a couple years and are ready to just live in a place for a few years. We have been married 3 years and lived in 4,going on 5, houses! I know, we are nuts. But that is all finally and hopefully coming to an end with 125 Crestwood Lane.