Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ultrasound fun

Welcome again everyone to our ultrasound! We had our 19 week visit today with the "big" ultrasound that measured everything and checked to make sure she had 10 fingers and 10 toes and that I was doing my part as well! She looks perfect! The ultrasound was about 45 minutes long, and my mom Marianne and Jeff's mom Jolene were able to join us to see their first granddaughter in action. It was a little tough to get all the shots they needed because she wouldn't cooperate (she normally does not!) so I will go get yet another ultrasound in a couple weeks up in Nashville. They said they are at a 98% that she is totally healthy and growing fine, but still need a couple checks for anatomy and such. Hey, I get to see my little girl even more so it works for me :)

She has moved up quite a bit over the past few weeks, her feet were up near my bellybutton, that is when she was not in her favorite position - a ball. We got to see her feet and hands, she kept hitting herself in the head for some reason, haha. She is 8 inches long head to toe and weighs 11oz - randomly, her thigh bone is 1 inch long. We also got to see her kidneys, bladder, her nose and eyes, all 4 chambers of her heart, and finally got to hear it beating at 152 bpm!

All of her photos including her first video can be found at

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