Thursday, September 11, 2008

Drum roll please...

We're having a GIRL!!! After 17 and a half weeks of debates and guessing we finally have our answer, Baby Girl Lyons. Jeff and I were both leaning in this direction and are completly thrilled to finally know. Now we just have to decide on her name, and sorry folks, we are not sharing! It will be announced to the world when she makes her debut this winter.
We were a little worried when we got to the doctor because our nurse said we weren't down for an ultrasound today, but after a little magic we were able to squeeze in for a quick peek and thank heavens she was in the right position!! I would not be able to stand it if we had to keep waiting. We will have our next appt on the 25th for the "big one" where we count all the fingers and toes and make sure she is growing right. It will be about 45 minutes long and we will be able to record part of it as well. We have had more ultrasounds than the norm, but I am ok with that! This one will be just as special. It is amazing seeing her move around and stretch and kick. I will post photos and maybe a movie after the appointment in 2 weeks (I don't think our daughter would want her girl parts spread posted for all to see!) thanks for following!

The "girly clothes" we got today... Pinks, purples, and a dress!!

Her growing wardrobe...


  1. I love that you guys are going to keep her name between you too. I think its sweet when couples do that. Eric and my mouthes are too big for it though, lol.

  2. Oh, I posted my comment on the wrong page. It was ment to be on this one! Well, I guess you can tell!
    Mom has said from the beginning when you were pregnant that it was going to be a girl! She is mostly right!