Thursday, September 18, 2008


This past weekend USA Baby was having a "huge" sale. Of course the 60% off sales were few and far between and there were many more of the 25% varity. The prices of this store are usually more than I would ever pay for a crib and such, but just as we were getting ready to leave, we came across a floor model set for sale. It was a beautiful set with a lifetime crib (it can convert to a toddler and then full size bed) and a 6 drawer dresser that can double for the changing table, and a 5 drawer chest that jeff and I are actually going to use! The brand is top notch, great quality that will last for years and the style can grow with her for years to come. It is a contemporary style stained in an espresso brown so it almost looks black. Because of the brand , quality, etc the grouping was originally upwards of 2600.00!! Crazy. Fortunatly, we found one of those great 60% off rareities :) we are thrilled with it! I can't wait to pick out everything else for her room. We have some front runners for nursery bedding and such, I can't wait to register and decorate! It is hard to really see all the details that we love about these pieces in the photos below, but enjoy!!


  1. I love love love the furniture!!!! Very nice and what a great deal.

  2. Ooo, I really like the crib. And the other furniture too! I bet it

  3. Great furniture. I love it, and how great to find it on sale. I am so thrilled for you and cannot wait to see that sweet girl. I miss you.