Sunday, September 7, 2008

New digs

As you may or may not know, last January jeff and I moved into the basement apartment of my parents new house in spring hill. We felt the move was best for us so we could save money to get out of debt and prepare for our future: house, kids, etc... Little did we know the "kids" part was gonna happen sooner rather than later!! So even though we have only been here about 9 months and the thought of moving again so soon is not exciting, we need more space! We love where we are now, but it is only a bedroom, an office, living room, and bath. Big enough for us, but it is amazing how much stuff a baby needs.

So we started our search. It is amazing how many places are out there for rent or lease/purchase! We looked at so many places, and time after time felt that we found the house for us. Then time after time we lost out! We kept wondering why were getting excited about a house only to lose it and have to keep looking. Well, I think we figured it out.

We are moving into my family's old house! My parents decided to rent out their old house december 07, but it has not worked out very well, the tenent needs to move out early. And the door opens for us! We are totally excited about the house. We love the area and the floorplan, and it is huge! 2500 sq feet, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, eat in kitchen plus dining, living, family and bonus, 2 car garage... All kinds of space. A little big for us now, but it will be great for us to grow into. We are going to have the opportunity to purchase in a couple years and are ready to just live in a place for a few years. We have been married 3 years and lived in 4,going on 5, houses! I know, we are nuts. But that is all finally and hopefully coming to an end with 125 Crestwood Lane.


  1. Congratulations, Lyons family! Is this house in Spring Hill as well? It looks beautiful!

  2. That is so wonderful!! And I love that house, and I bet there are some wonderful memories there too. The master is plenty big enough if you had plans for Miss Lyons to room with you guys for a bit. Which room will become the nursery?

  3. Hey!
    It is so great that you are having a girl! Congratulations!
    I just love the titans outfit you got her. It