Monday, September 22, 2008

Jeff's Birthday

Jeff Lyons is 28! This past Saturday was Jeff's birthday, though he had 3 days of celebration! It was crazy thinking that the next birthday he has will include a 7 month old little girl.

The celebration started Tuesday as a surprise- jeff and I went on a picnic! The weather was beautiful, it was my day off, and we wanted to so nothing on Saturday but relax, haha, so all these things added up to surprise birthday picnic. I packed a dinner with tuna salad, chips, grapes and cheese, carrots and ranch... Lots of yummy picnic food. Add a red and white checked tablecloth, wicker basket, and a few bugs and you have a perfect picnic setting at Thompson station park. I even got Brady a bath and some treats so he could come play fetch with us. Overall, it was a relaxing evening to start a birthday celebration.

The next birthday step was Saturday. Jeffs present from me was a mic that he found online that he can game with. Our goal was to do nothing on Saturday but have a relaxing birthday so that he could play with his new toy, and end with a family dinner at zazbys that evening. Unfortunatly that plan didn't last very long. Jeff needed a piece to connect his mic to the iMac, so we began the search in spring hill and that search took us to 100 oaks and cool springs. 4.5 hours later we returned home... Empty handed :( jeff had to resign himself to ordering the part online and we are still waiting for it to come in :( the day got a little better with a zazbys meal with nana, poppa, mom, and dad. Jeff got a keylime pie for dessert, and gifts of $$ and an iphone dock. While Saturday didn't turn out as planned, it was still a good birthday we were able to spend together.

The celebration continued Sunday too!! Jeff had to work sunday for the titans game, but we had birthday dinner that evening. Jeffs parents came down for lasagna dinner with us and my parents and they brought the signature strawberry cake! They also brought a great present- our fun new camera! It is an Olympus 850w, which dosent mean a lot... But it goes underwater!! It is a totally normal looking 8mp, LCD screen, slimline, digital camera but it is waterproof up to 10 feet, plus shockproof, and dirtproof. These are great qualities for a camera when you are going to have a new baby. We are very excited- thanks jim and jo! We finished the night with some football and went to bed that night totally wiped out but (I hope) had a good birthday for jeff.

Happy birthday baby! Love you!!

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