Monday, March 23, 2009

2 months old!!

Charlotte Anne Lyons is 2 months old today! I can't believe we are already to this point, it seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home. It has been an amazing two months and she has grown and changed so much already. Part of me wants her to stay tiny and part of me is ready to see her move and talk and giggle and grow.

One big milestone: she is out of preemie clothes! She is now fully in her 0-3 months clothes. While we are more than grateful for having the preemie clothes passed to us from Seanna, I am having fun dressing her in the clothes we bought for her and all the beautiful presents we were given. We have so many cute dresses and summer clothes and even a bathing suit for her to wear in the nest few months, I can't wait to see my cute bug :)

Onto the big event...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The House of Lyons Plague

This past week a plague fell upon our house!  Sunday evening Jeff and I were both feeling a little tickle in the throats... a tell tell sign of what was to come.  Monday we woke up to full blown icky-ness.  Jeff had to call in to work with a really sore throat, upset stomach, and some congestion. I had full head congestion and a little sore throat as well.  We laid around the house watching some tv and getting some naps in.  All in all, it was not too bad of a day - thank goodness Charlotte had a good day!

Owensboro Trip

Its a week late, but I wanted to share Charlottes first visit to her Rudy family in Owensboro. My mom's family all still lives in Owensboro KY and we try to make it up there as much as we can. Charlotte took her first trip up there at 7 weeks old. It was just us girls going up there (it was a thursday and friday so our men were working) and Charlotte did wonderful on the 3 hour trip - she slept the whole time! She woke up in the middle of the trip for enough time to eat and then was back down til we got to Nanas house.

It was wonderful seeing Nana. She has so many grandchildren and even great-grandchildren, but it was her first coming from mom's daughters and of course my first. My grandmother is 80+ and is suffering from dementia so she while she remembers everyone fine (unlike Alzheimers) she has trouble remember recent events, conversations, or to dos. She knew exactly who Charlotte was and was so excited to be able to hold this little angel. Nana held her as much as possible, fed her, burped her, and cuddled her while she slept. It was very special to both Mom and I that Charlotte was able to spend some time with her Nana. We know that Nana probably won't be here in years to come, and Charlotte probably won't be able to remember her time shared with Nana, but we will have those memories and photos to pass on to her about her great-grandmother.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Visit to Nana and Poppas

We are riding home with my mom and dad after a great visit with my nana and poppa - charlottes great grandparents. We picked up applebees for lunch and then of course had some charlotte-holding time!
It is so sweet seeing my grandparents holding and loving our sweet girl. Their other great grand baby lives in Atlanta and is now 4 with a brother or sister on the way. I know it is hard for them to not be able to visit as much as they'd like and so they are really enjoying having charlotte so close.
I think my grandfather tears up at least a few times every visit seeing how tiny and precious she is. You can see how filles with love they are for her. We know she is a blessing in our lives and it makes my heart full to see how much she blesses their lives too. I thank God everyday for letting us watch over this little one.
Now the rest of my day will be spent figuring out the many many doctor and hospital bills responsible for getting her here! Don't get me wrong - any amount of money and any headache is totally worth her being here - it is just amazing how complicated it all can be.