Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Visit to Nana and Poppas

We are riding home with my mom and dad after a great visit with my nana and poppa - charlottes great grandparents. We picked up applebees for lunch and then of course had some charlotte-holding time!
It is so sweet seeing my grandparents holding and loving our sweet girl. Their other great grand baby lives in Atlanta and is now 4 with a brother or sister on the way. I know it is hard for them to not be able to visit as much as they'd like and so they are really enjoying having charlotte so close.
I think my grandfather tears up at least a few times every visit seeing how tiny and precious she is. You can see how filles with love they are for her. We know she is a blessing in our lives and it makes my heart full to see how much she blesses their lives too. I thank God everyday for letting us watch over this little one.
Now the rest of my day will be spent figuring out the many many doctor and hospital bills responsible for getting her here! Don't get me wrong - any amount of money and any headache is totally worth her being here - it is just amazing how complicated it all can be.


  1. I don't envy you the bills! Call if you need help deciphering those EOBs! Love you all so much--she is getting so big every day!

  2. She seems to get cuter every day. You'll have to share that secret...