Saturday, November 7, 2009

What a ham!

We have learned more so over the past few weeks than any other time that Charlotte is a HAM!!  She looooves having her photo taken, will grin for just about anybody, and loves to clap and dance for herself.  Love Her.

Since she has started crawling it's like this whole other person emerged.  Not only is she different physically - crawling, cruising, trying to walk, sitting in carts and high chairs, etc.  She seems to have grown up over night.  She is eating her finger foods like a pro, drinking pretty well from her Sippy cup, and is slowing but surely moving into the "toddler food."  She has the biggest grin, the sweetest giggle, under her chin is now her favorite tickle spot, she has learned to "motor boat" (even while eating), and her daddy is her favorite playmate.

What a joy she is to have in our lives! Here are a few photos of my precious little one.. ham it up baby![gallery order="DESC" columns="5"]

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