Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Well the last few days have been busy ones around the Lyons household. Jeff has been amazing and within 3 days everything is packed and ready to go - and it is only Tuesday! Tomorrow Jeff has to work the Music City Bowl and then Thursday we will use to visit the house, run a few errands, and do some prep work for moving weekend to start on Friday... and of course watch some bowl games to relax. So far this move has gone smoothly and I hope the next phase progresses just as wonderfully. We already have some great volunteers to help us with cleaning, moving and unpacking - the out pouring of love and support from our church is amazing!

Sunday was a day that we took off from packing, but were able to do a little Craigslist shopping for items we need for the new house. We found a washer and dryer right here in Spring Hill. It was a little older than we wanted, but we ended up talking him down from 175 to 125! We can be clean in our new house now :) Our next stop was also in Spring Hill. We found a good quality kitchen table and chairs that were just about brand new and they match our kitchen cabinets perfectly! We were able to get these for 70, down from the list price of 100. So far, we had saved 155 bucks from what we had budgeted for these necessities. The next item we picked up was a needed nursery item - a glider rocker for all those restless nights! Our favorite chairs were fluffy fully upholstered glider rockers that ran anywhere from 500-thousands - way more than we are able or even willing to spend. We were ok with settling for the basic glider that you can find just about anywhere - wooden with a padded cushion. I fell in love with one on craigslist that was a little out of our budget, but because of all the money we had saved elsewhere, we ran up to Franklin and picked it up! I was hoping to have a picture, but no luck - you'll just have to come visit to see it in the nursery :) It is a wooden glider, but it is also a swivel rocker so you can rock or sway and had an ottoman too. It has a higher back and has a little more modern design with painted white wood and the best thing being pretty light pink colored chenille fabric to match our nursery. It was perfect!!! I am so glad we were able to find this little gem on Craigslist. So that was how we spend our afternoon on Sunday! It totally wore me out and probably was a little more running than I should have done, but we found all the items we needed close and cheap - that is a deal for sure. We feel much better about moving into our new home now.

Today was a great day! We had our OB appointment and an ultrasound. We hadn't had one since 20 weeks and missed seeing our little girl! Today was another long one as they had to measure lengths and blood flow and amniotic fluid and on and on. Everything checks out fine and she is weighing in at 5lbs 1oz - aiming to be about 6lbs if we have to deliver at 37 weeks and about 7-8 if we deliver at her due date of 2/14. I am doing well too with great blood pressure but still some swelling. I get some other test results that is the big tell-tell sign for pre-eclampsia sometime tomorrow. That will determine my level of bed rest for now. We did go ahead and make the decision to let me stay modified pending tests, but that I am not going to be working anymore. I experience the most swelling, headaches, etc when I am at work, even though I have been sitting only for the last couple weeks. We think we stand the most chance of not developing full pre-e by going ahead and staying home and not pushing it. So I am going to be home for another 3-8 weeks before she joins me... yikes!! Feel free to come visit or bring me games, movies, books... all that fun stuff! Thanks to everyone who has already offered, I may be calling soon :)

Well that is just a catch up from the last few days - now we are headed into the home stretch of Move 09. I leave you with a little photo of the mess we have made in the garage.

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  1. Nice job wheeling and dealing!! So glad to run into you guys tonight....very nice surprise! Big hugs!