Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Stroller and 32 week OB appt

Today was a great baby day! This morning I had my OB appt for the week, we are 32 weeks and 3 days. Because of my condition I am having an appointment once a week - they are getting tired of seeing me around! Today I met with one of the other doctors in the practice just in case my doctor isn't available during the day of delivery I won't have to have this baby with a complete stranger. Dr. Bell was very nice, really energetic! She gave me great news - everything is looking good, I even improved over last week. They checked weight, blood pressure, swelling, urine and did some blood tests and they all came back either holding strong where they were last week or looking better. I am excited to know that the restrictions I have with work and home are getting results. It makes sitting around feel a lot more productive! With luck we will be in this pre-pre-eclampsia stage and not ever progress to full Pre-eclampsia. If this is what it takes to keep this baby in as long as possible and have her come out healthy, I will do it joyfully.

Another great baby thing happened today too - we got our stroller and car seat! Mom and Dad were so awesome and actually got us a travel system for my birthday - one of the biggest things we still needed and have to have before she gets here. After looking at the features and quality of this system, we all decided that it wasn't going to suit our needs the best, so we started looking for other options. I always feel bad about returning gifts, but mom and dad completely understood and even encouraged it. They knew we had done our research with strollers and had features we were looking for and they were totally fine with our swapping it for a stroller that would work for us better. Well today I found the one! I was at Essex - if you don't know, you need to go - just to look at their selection of baby stuff, not expecting at all to find much. But I walked in and was shocked to see not only car seats and strollers, but the brand and model car seat that we loved in the right color! It was on sale today even - just 25 bucks for a car seat that was about 80 bucks. Typically this set would have been beyond our price range at about $250 total, but after seeing the car seat on sale and even coming across the stroller for 60 and the car base for 25 we jumped at the chance to save so much. All three pieces came to only 120! We even have some money left over from the set mom and dad got us. Amazing! I was doubtful that we would find a set we would love that we could afford and bam, there it is. I see God working in all the little ways and big ways to help us get prepared for this baby's arrival. Again I must say... Amazing!

We rushed home tonight and got started putting it together. I know it is just a stroller and there isn't a lot of romance or creativity in putting on a few wheels, but it was a great time to spend together. This was one of the first things we were really able to get ready for her so it definitely makes it more real that she will be here very soon.

This will be the last post before Christmas, so everyone have a wonderful time with your family and friends! I am looking forward to some family time - and probably more baby gifts! yippee! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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  1. hey! We have registered for the same stroller! ha! Great minds think alike!! :)