Friday, December 12, 2008

Pregnancy update for 31 weeks!

2 posts in one day! You lucky people you! I wasn't planning on posting after today's doctor appointment because it was not going to be anything major, just a little check up. But low and behold, I am on modified bedrest for at least the time being. Agh!

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let's start with this weekend during the baby showers. Saturday night I woke up feeling a lot of painful swelling in my hands and feet. I thought it was just from the days activities and sleeping in a hot room with no fan. The swelling ended up staying with me for Sunday and Monday- my poor feet looked awful! I could barely put on my clogs and it was painful to walk around. I called my doctors office to get some advice on reducing the swelling. Turns out they thought it was a bigger deal than I thought and wanted to have me come in that day to run some tests. My doctor wasn't in that day so I met with the nurse practitioner. We did the normal checks on weight and blood pressure, pee in a cup ect. Everything looked ok, but when she looked and measured my legs, she was concerned. She ordered me off my feet and out of work for 2 days to see if the swelling went down. They also did some blood tests too and we were going to wait on results. Turns out everything looked fine and they said I could to back to work and just keep my regular appointment Friday.

That brings us around to today!! I went in today and was able to meet with my normal doctor. After measuring my legs it showed that the swelling only went down about a centimeter and I only lost about 2 pounds of water weight and my legs and feet are still tight and painful. My doctor is concerned about pre-eclampsia and toxemia because the swelling came on rapidly and pretty heavy. So here is what we have going now. I am now on bedrest when I am not at work and when I am at work, I must be seated!! Yikes!! In the mean time we are running more tests on blood and urine and added a doctors appointment for this coming Thursday to check in on the legs and get the test results.

Obviously, Jeff and and I are praying that all will be well and these limitations will only last this week. Of course we will do whatever we need to to keep me and our daughter safe and healthy, but if I have developed pre-eclampsia and must go to complete bedrest it will be a lot on jeff to handle work, the holidays, and moving - all happening in the next 2 months!!! I am trying to keep from worrying before we get any results and doing my best this week to get the swelling down.

That is the pregnancy update for now! Just a little kink at week 31 - only 9 weeks to go! I realized that on Sunday the 14th we will be exactly 2 months away from D-day!! How crazy is that. I can't wait to meet the little girl that keeps kicking me :)


  1. ok, sister - follow Drs orders and take it easy!! We need momma and this baby girl to be doing great! Looks like no Apples to Apples this Wednesday either - no big deal!We have plenty of time to catch up on that one....take care and please keep posted!
    Praying for you three!
    Big hugs,

  2. We're here to help. Stay off those feet and give us some phone calls!