Monday, December 22, 2008

Birthday Weekend and Rudy Christmas

This was a fun filled weekend with both Birthday and Christmas celebrations! And yes, I took care of myself! This weekend was a little busy and I had fun traveling and celebrating while all the time staying seated as much as possible and keeping to my "bedrest" rules!

The weekend started out on Friday at 12:30. Jeff got off work for a half day so we could celebrate my birthday just the two of us (because, as you'll read later, my birthday was a busy day!) We headed to Opry Mills to see my pick of a movie - Four Christmases. The movie was great (for a cheesy holiday movie) and we enjoyed the time together - and the time with movie butter popcorn! After the movie we had about an hour to kill before our dinner reservations so we did a little baby shopping at Essex and Old Navy and got some cute pants, stuffed animals, and little play gym - all clearance! The highlight of the evening was our beautiful dinner at the Melting Pot! (thank you NorthStar Christmas party door prizes!!!) We had a great 2 hour dinner and dipped til our hearts were content! I was a bad celebrator and totally forgot to take pictures until the last course - dessert - and then only got a dim picture from my iphone :( Even without pictures Jeff and I will be able to remember this weekend, probably our last big to-do before baby arrives. We enjoyed the time together and the great experience that is the Melting Pot!

After our bellies were way too full, we journeyed a little further north to Bowling Green. You may call us silly for our next stop, but we highly enjoyed it! We had reservations at the Drury Inn in Bowling Green! Indoor Pool, King size bed, and a plasma tv - it was the perfect setup to relax and be lazy! We enjoyed our swim in what turned out to be quite a chilly pool - we were even entertained by the cannon-ball kids followed by what i can only assume was a honeymooning couple in the hot tub. (more disturbing then anything, I assure you!!) After the pool we took in the simple pleasure of watching random shows on cable tv while snuggled in the huge king size bed!! Add a few cheetos and reeses pieces - it made for a perfect night :) I enjoyed my birthday celebration day with Jeff and was glad that even though I have to take it easy, we were able to spend time together and make memories for my 25th birthday. Thanks my love!

After we checked out of the hotel the next morning, we continued our journey north to the grand metropolis that is Owensboro KY. This is where my mother is from and where most of the Rudy clan still calls home. We always celebrate Christmas by getting together at my aunt and uncles house the weekend before Christmas. With this group you know you will have tons of great food and hear a tale or two that will get the whole room rolling with laughter. The tradition of late as our family has grown so large is that instead of swapping gifts between us all, we play a rousing game of Dirty Santa. We have a girls gift round and boys gift round. This year started out pretty smooth for us ladies, but the last couple rounds got cut-throat as the stealing picked up - Sarah even stole her own gift from Hannah, poor kid :( I ended up with a cute snowman ceramic drink dispenser... jug... thing... I don't know what it is called?? It holds a couple gallons of drinks with a little spout to pour from. Help me out people, what is this called?? Sadly, the snowman suffered an injury... he fell off the couch when i got home :( The base broke, so he is still usable, just not as cute... sad times. Jeff had an interesting time with Dirty Santa... he ended up with a gallon of Jim Beam. That's my family! One of my uncles "took it off Jeff's hands" (for a fair price!) So Jeff can now go buy his own Dirty Santa gift of his choosing, haha. All in all, it was a great start for this Christmas weekend and we enjoyed spending this time with the Rudy Fam.

The weekend wasn't over yet! Sunday brought a big day of Titans Football! (and my actual birthday!) Because it was a home game, we hosted and smacked the Steelers thank you, Jeff had to work :( I missed being able to be with him for my 25th, but it helped that we had already had such a great weekend together. We did have special visitors to spend time with though-my cousin Susan and her daughter Maya. Since they live in Atlanta we don't get to see them very often, so we were glad that they were able to come up for a few days and spend some time with Nana and Poppa and the rest of us too! Hannah and I were able to join them at Nana and Poppas for the afternoon to watch the Titans game - and entertain 4 year old Maya of course. Susan brought up a whole bag of 0-9 months clothing that Maya wore to pass on to our little girl! I am super excited to be able to inherit :) Susan is now pregnant too with her second due on July 27th, so the clothes may be passed back and forth a couple times! We girls had a great time together playing go fish and talking babies.

Every year for our birthdays Nana and Poppa take us out to eat or cook for us - our choice! This year my choice was Macaroni Grill. We were crossing our fingers that the Spring Hill Olive Garden would be open in time, but no luck. So all 9 of us (Jeff was able to join us after the game!) filled up and pasta and bread and chocolate cake! I received wonderful gifts of more baby clothes, some $$ and amazingly - a stroller and car seat! Mom and Dad went above and beyond and bought a great travel system for us - I must say it was the perfect birthday gift for this mom-to-be. Thank you so much :) My birthday dinner was a wonderful way to wrap up the weekend of Birthday and Christmas fun with all my beloved family. It is amazing to think that this birthday was spent preparing for our daughter and next year she will be just about walking and talking and getting ready for her first Christmas. Amazing.

Well I hope you enjoyed the break down day by day of this weekend, haha. I think we will find that the more I am home on bedrest, the more un-needed details you will read about my life. I know you are more than excited. Thanks for being a part! I am going to continue my day of shopping online (I have changed my mind about nursery decor about 5 times now) and doing what I can to prepare for our move in less than 2 weeks! Time is ticking away... tick tick ticking away (yes, that was a DC Talk reference...) ha!

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