Friday, December 12, 2008

Spring Hill Snow!!!

We have had some fun times the last 24 hours with all this snow! When I left work last night in Green Hills there was a mix of snow and rain, but then by moving up to Jeff's office on Dickerson Pike, it was just rain. Regardless, traffic was a MESS! We decided to wait out the traffic and just go ahead and eat dinner at the Macaroni Grill in Opry Mills. Our meal was great, but cut a little short by a phone call... Dad called and talked to Jeff - the weather in Spring Hill was much worse! Mom and Dad were not even able to get home last night in the car, they had to park at the bottom of our street and walk up! The roads were slushy and icy and the snow was about 3 inches deep. For those of you who have been to "the ridge" you know how steep the hill is and covered in snow it would be no fun to try and drive up - much less to have to hike up! After this news we decided to leave Macaroni Grill and get home as soon as possible before the roads got worse. It was so surreal driving down from north nashville to south nashville! We had rain, the slush, then a little dusting of snow, then a ton of snow - All in less than an hours drive. Jeff did awesome driving in the snow and though it took us a while, we got home safe and sound! We took it slow, had a few slick moments but my new car, with Jeff behind the wheel, was able to make it up the ridge and safely home with no hiking needed. I was very grateful for that! It was a fun adventure :)

Once we safely got home, we realized how beautiful the snow was! We had to get out and play in it! :) We ran inside and got all bundled up and grabbed our camera (it is water, freeze, shock and crush proof so no problems taking into the snow!) The snow was at least 3 inches deep and the trees were totally coated - again I must say how beautiful it was! Brady was having a blast in the snow too. And for those of you that know of Brady, he hates it when it rains and will not step foot on wet grass unless completely necessary. For some reason, when it snows, Brady loooooves it! He runs and plays, he will try to eat the snow and will just about bury his face in it coming up with snow all over his nose. It was so fun playing in the snow with him and seeing how much he loved it. Jeff and I had a great time taking pictures (or trying) of all the snow and trees and Brady of course. It was one of those memorable times when you are just having pure fun and enjoy being with your loved ones (dog included) and you almost feel like a child again. After the snow, we curled up inside with some hot chocolate and football. It made for a great ending to a great night!

This morning I was able to sleep in and get up and enjoy the snow more! After breakfast Brady and I took a little walk and though the snow was starting to melt, I was able to get some good pictures to remember this awesome snow! Enjoy some below or visit to see them all.

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  1. Wow! We got a good amount of snow in Murfreesboro, but not that much!