Monday, November 24, 2008

3rd Trimester!!

Pregnancy update! This week we hit a big pregnancy milestone: our 3rd Trimester! 2/3s done, 28 weeks and 7 months pregnant, or 12 weeks to go - however you put it our little one will be here before you know it! It is amazing to think that we will have our little girl in our arms in just a matter of 3 short months. And this being the holiday season, those 3 months are going to fly by even faster. I can't believe it is the week of Thanksgiving with Christmas a mere 31 days away.

My 28 week OB appointment was today! It was just a quick in and out check, no ultrasound or anything cool like that ;) I did get to hear her heartbeat, very fast and strong. Other than that everything looks great, a little anemic but nothing a little iron can't cure! I am now up to an appointment every 2 weeks and then in a mere 7 weeks up to once a week. WOW I probably won't have another ultrasound unless they have something they want to check. I have to say that that stinks! I really want to see our little girl again - it has been since 22 weeks and I can't believe I am going to go the last half of the pregnancy with no new picture.

I have been very blessed by having a pretty uneventful pregnancy thus far with no morning sickness or complications, and other than the normal tiredness and being worn out I am pretty happy with making it this far with no crazy stories to tell! However, the past couple weeks as I have been moving toward this final trimester, things have been picking up a bit. My heartburn and indigestion has been kicked up a few notches making me feel very icky at night and it has continued on throughout the day as well. I have learned that I can no longer bend over to pick things up thanks to this rise in heartburn as well as the growing belly. As for the belly... I haven't really been uncomfortable thus far with the added weight or bulge, but that is also catching up with me! Certain positions sitting or laying down, even walking, I can really feel the pressure and weight keeping me from doing what I would normally do. Even rolling over in bed is becoming a task! (and of course every time I roll, my bladder gets squished which inevitably makes me need to get up and pee!) At this point, she has all her parts in place and everything is as it should be, she is pretty much just putting on weight from now on. For mom, that means that I will get bigger faster and more uncomfortable quicker in the last 3 months than in the first 6. Here we go!!

What else is going on in life... the new car is still great! With the cold weather setting in the remote start is pretty darn awesome :) Work is also going well. We are moving into holiday, so the store is getting more and more busy. They are being really great at understanding and working with me on days off, OB appointments, and time needed off my feet in this busy time. In other news, we still have the kittens. We have had 2 people that have promised to take them, we were giving directions and figuring out a time to meet and then all the sudden we hear nothing from them. We were very disappointed :( we just want to find a good home for them and that is getting harder and harder to do. They are back on craigslist now and maybe 3rd time is a charm. If this keeps being a pattern they may be with us when we move - which hopefully is just about a month away. The nesting is starting to kick in, especially with my baby showers right around the corner, I need a nursery!

I think that just about sums it up for now. We are looking forward to Thanksgiving and all the many Christmas parties that we get to enjoy over the next month so I am sure we will have more to blog and more pictures to post!


  1. Hi! I love your blog. Thanks for sharing it with me! I wanted to let you know that my doctor approved Prilosec OTC for me when I started having heartburn around week 15, and I have been taking it ever since! I have another friend who took it during both of her pregnancies, and her children are perfectly healthy and fine. SO...if the heartburn is as unbearable for you as it was for me, I would strongly recommend you pick some of that up!! It's amazing how much Prilosec works! Also, congrats on the new car. It's nice!! Did you buy that through TN, by any chance? We're going to need a new car by the time baby number two rolls around, but we're going to try to wait until then. Both of our cars are paid off, so it's really hard to give up the NO payment situation, ya know? Take care and please keep in touch!