Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Car!

As you can see from the title of this post... we have a new car! We knew my VW would need to be replaced, but were hoping it would keep holding out for us. Looks like that didn't happen. While it was not the best timing, God worked everything out for us and we think we have made the best decisions and are excited about our new car for our new little girl.

Here is the long and the short of it...

Wednesday night we were heading from work to small group game night (and we were very excited) but passing downtown on 65 the cars check engine light came on and it was shuddering real bad. Jeff was driving thank goodness, so he pulled of the interstate and coaxed the car along. It was very hard to accelerate and he put it in neutral as much as he could, he did a great job! We finally made it to firestone hoping they could help out in some way. They were going to try to look at it that evening so we had some time to kill downtown. We decided we might as well be proactive and visit the chevy dealership to start looking around (worst case scenario we thought). We looked at a chevy impala that would be closest to our budget and looked at what it would take to get out of the VW and into this car. The terms were not great and firestone hadn't gotten to look at the car yet, so we really didn't know what we would need to do yet. The guys at Beamen were great though - they let us take an "overnight test drive" so we could get home that night and for them, they wanted to sell a car! So home we go! It was a late night and a long day.

Thursday we go the bad news... it was going to be at minimum 1000 big ones to fix the VW. They also said it would need tires and breaks again soon - both things we had to work on about a year ago - that was another 1000 we had spent. We weighed our options and it seemed like the VW was on its last leg and it would cost us more to keep it and keep putting money into a car that was worth maybe 1500 bucks that it would be to go ahead and look for a new car. We decided to start looking around at other cars. The impala deal that beaman had for us was just not good, so we made the choice to turn that down. Good thing is... Jeff's brother Matt is Finance Manager at Gary Force Honda in Bowling Green (wow, that is a lot of capital letters in one sentence...) There was nothing more we could do on Thursday, it was in Matt's hands. Jeff had a video shoot to direct for the YMCA, so we were there til about 11 thursday night.

Friday! Friday was a crazy day. Me, Jeff, Matt, and their Dad spent all day back and forth on the phone calling and texting trying to find them best deal. Matt had a car on his lot that would work great for us, we could trade in the jeep, just had to get it up there... in comes Jim(dad lyons)! He had AAA and amazingly enough they towed it from Nashville to BG for free! As soon as Jeff got off work - and this is after hours of craziness - we headed up to BG! We rolled into town about 7:00 and met Matt at the dealership. Now, we are going into this a little blind. We know he has a 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix for us, but other than that, we didn't know a lot. This was the car we could get, we didn't really have a choice, the VW was already up there... a little nerve racking for sure, and we had our hesitation about if we liked the Grand Prix to begin with. Well, we were happily surprised! We loved the car, took it for a wonderful test drive. The interior was much better than we thought it would be. Very sleek, all black with chrome accents, and it was very comfortable. The car was really easy to drive and had some great features - like remote start! I am thrilled about that one, especially with a new baby and cold winters and hot summers. Matt had all the paperwork ready and we were in and out really quick in our new car :)

We couldn't imagine the situation working out any better than it did. We are very grateful for all our family that helped in getting this all figured out. Thanks guys! I love the car and it will be perfect for our growing family!!


  1. Oooo, I like the car! I

  2. Love the ride. You can drive it to Game Night Part Deux at which you'll suffer defeat in Scene It.

  3. Wow!!! Mom told about all the hullabaloo with the car! But I hadn't seen pictures yet... NICE CAR!!! YAY!!!!! It looks really nice. I can't wait to get home and see it/ride in it! Awesome! I'm so glad it worked out well. TTYL!