Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm behind... Let's catch up!

I am so behind this week!  So many things have been happening the past week or so, I'll give you the short versions.

First, Charlotte is standing! All on her own!  Her max right now is 10 seconds - pretty good for an 8 month old if I must say it myself :) She is gonna be off and walking so soon I'm sure.  Here is a little video of her first standing moments.

She Stands! (Video isn't working :( Vid and Pics soon to come!)

Charlotte loves to "cruise" up and down the ottoman, just back and forth back and forth.  There can be not a toy in sight and she'll just stand up there and be content for minutes and minutes (which is a long time for an 8 monther!) You can get the biggest grins when she is standing up there like a big girl all by herself.  Beating the ottoman with her little hands is also very fun times.  She wants to walk by herself so bad!

Another one of Charlotte's favorite things to do is clapping!  I think she likes the noise of her little palms slapping together more than anything but she gets the biggest kick out of it.  You have to be careful though, if you start clapping or say "yay" she'll stop!  I think she is so intrigued by what you are doing that she dosen't realize it's because she is clapping like a big girl.  We are working on clapping together and playing some successful peek-a-boo.

We had a big weekend with family in town Friday-Sunday.  My uncle Skip and cousin Susan and her husband Eric and children Maya, 5, and Christopher, 3 months, all came up from Atlanta.  We only get to see them a couple times a year and with all these babies these times are especially sweet.  Everyone including my parents and grandparents all went out to dinner together Friday night at Longhorn - yum!  Saturday was down at our house for some of my mom's home cooking, a little pumpkin pie, and great family time.  I'm sure next time we see them  Charlotte will be chasing Maya down the hall and Christopher may be crawling or even walking.  Time goes by too quickly, especially when you miss your family!

The one bad thing that happened this weekend is that Charlotte has gotten sick :(  Saturday night at midnight Charlotte woke up crying and once we got her up, we were met with a tummy full of vomit.  Ick.  It made her feel better afterwards but it was not fun for anyone involved.  She only slept from 1am to 6am so her lack of sleep plus possible illness meant that we did not go to church this morning.  We did have to run to Sam's for the wonderful baby needs like diapers, formula, and wipes. She got a short nap in the car and was in pretty good spirits for most of the day, but just didn't want to sleep.  We put her down to bed at 7 tonight but about 30 minutes later, she woke up crying really hard like she did last night.  Surely enough, she threw up twice within 10 minutes :(  We are taking her into her pediatrician tomorrow to try to find out what is wrong.  She has just a very slight fever, been a little fussy and hasn't wanted to sleep, but has had a find appetite, even after she loses her stomach.  Please say a little prayer for my bug!

I don't have any clapping or standing photos uploaded right now, so here are a couple photos of Charlotte's first trip to Marble Slab from this past week.  (and no, she didn't get any... boohoo I know)




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