Wednesday, October 28, 2009

9 Month Checkup

Today was the day we met Charlotte's new Pediatrician! We had one too many bad experiences with our old office (the staff, not so much the doctor) and after many referrals and such, we decided on Pediatric Associates of Franklin and Dr. Meneely. He was a great doctor, very "grandfatherly" which is nice in a pediatrician. He provided lots of guidance and do's and don'ts for the next few months without my having to ask and then answered the questions I did ask!

Charlotte got a perfect bill of health for her 9 month progress :) She is crawling, babbling, clapping, cruising, sleeping, eating, all the stuff she is supposed to do! She weighs 18 pounds and 2.4 ounces (in the 45th percentile) and is 28 1/2 inches long (in the 75th percentile) - still my long and skinny bug!

The next 3 months we will be moving even further into solids! I hesitate :( I keep telling everyone that she isn't ready, but no one is listening! Really?? my BABY needs to start eating eggs and cheese, chicken and rice?? come on now... seriously. She still has no teeth, but apparently doesn't need them. We have already been doing the puffs and yogurt melts that dissolve pretty easy, but I just can't see her being able to do these non-dissolvable foods! We'll see over the next couple months how she takes to the self feeding and the chunky food vs. the spoon fed puree (which she still loves btw.) We also bought Charlotte her first sippy cup! No luck with it so far, but it has been a tough day for her so we'll try again tomorrow. Growing up is hard to do...

We thought today that we would have no immunizations and it would be a smooth happy appointment... we thought wrong. The schedule that the old pedi office was on is different from this office, so we had one hepB to get and also had to give blood for an anemia test. The vacc was not the bad part... the "prick" for the blood was. The sound "prick" isn't too bad, we thought it would be quick and easy. Apparently they need a good sampling of blood and for a solid 10 minutes essentially "milked" her finger. Her arm and fingers go so red from all the pressure and pulling and while she was not happy, the last minute resulted in some all out crying and Daddy called the end to it. They questioned not having enough blood and us having to come back and do it again, but in the end, it was enough and she is not anemic. All that for a few drops of blood... ugh.

Her appointment totally threw off her day, lots of naps, very sleepy, even threw up :( She has needed extra love and care today, and I think an extra early bedtime is in the cards too! Off I go to fed her one last time before she is too tired to hold up her little head!

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