Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Car Seats have arrived!

I was talking with a friend recently who borrowed my "baby bargins" book to shop for son's new car seats (he is 1 year old next week and just hit the height limit). Just for kicks I measured Charlotte and looked at the restrictions on her infant carrier... she was almost an inch too big! Nooo!!! My baby is getting too big! Here I was thinking we'd do car seats for Christmas or even Birthday, but no 8 1/2 months old and she outgrew her infant seat.

I went into furious research and looked online, in Target, and talked with friends about brands, features, all that Jazz. We finally settled on the Britax brand and found a seat that while semi-expensive, would last her til booster seat age and got rave reviews. We went ahead and splurged for 2 because one, they were on sale at amazon.com, and two, I did not want to have to swap it from car to car or end up forgetting to get it from Jeff when he left for work etc. Can you tell which one is mine and which is Jeff's? (hint: check out this post...)

I do lament the end of the infant carrier - it was so easy to just carry her into places, give her a bottle in a store or restaurant, and let her keep sleeping straight up to her room. Now we will have to get her in and out and use a highchair and stroller or cart where ever we go. I know this is the life you will live for years to come, I just didn't think we'd be at this stage short of 9 months! My skinny string bean of a girl... so big.

Anyway, they arrived today and I can't wait to put them in!   For now, Charlotte and I played with them and tried them on for size!  She enjoyed them - climbing on them, sitting in them, eating them... ah the joys.  (and don't forget the fun boxes they came in either!)

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