Friday, September 11, 2009

The Long Awaited Living Room

Well after 9 months folks it is finally here! We have furniture in our Living Room!  (Funny it took as long to grow Charlotte as it did to get some furniture... sad) We moved into this house in January and moved from about 900 square feet to over 2400, needless to say there were some empty or sparse rooms.  The formal living and dining rooms were the worst - didn't have a thing in them excepting the occasional pack n' play.  We are not formal people so didn't know what we wanted to do with the rooms, plus it costs $$ to furnish a home at at this point a nursery was more important!  I would have been fine leaving it empty - Brady loves running after his toys in there.  However, if you have been to my home you probably experienced a moment or two of awkwardness when you walked in.  That's because these two empty rooms are the rooms that you walk directly into when you come into our home.  Odd isn't it?  I would feel weird walking into someones seemingly empty home (especially if I knew how long they lived there!) Well it was time to get something done - it was driving me crazy, we had some extra cash, and we were having a lot of things happening at our house in the coming weeks (including dad's big 50th!) so we decided to get it done.

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Read "more" of our Craigslist adventure here...

I spent days on craigslist just looking for maybe a sofa and devising other clever ways to make the room look full using furniture stolen from other rooms. (or my parents house hehe) I found tons of stuff but it is amazing the price range you can find for very similar pieces. (and of course you have to wade through every bit of over priced 20 year old stained grandma couch or college apartment cast offs)  I came across a couch and loveseat set that a couple were selling right here in Spring Hill - and he was willing to deliver!  Jeff and I went by their house tuesday after work to take a look.  If you have ever done any craigslist buying or selling you know that it can be a little odd walking into a random persons home with cash in pocket ready to make an offer to buy there stuff.  odd yes, but it works!

We loved the pieces, even better than they looked in the photos!  We were planning on wheeling and dealing a bit to get a better price, but then we started looking around at their other stuff.  I knew they were selling their Chair and a Half and ottoman but it wasn't really something we needed.  However, one sit in that massive chair and Jeff wanted it - we'd find somewhere to put it right?  Then we started talking and really liked their end tables... hmmm... They weren't selling them but they  had mentioned turning that room into a playroom so they wouldn't need them right?? so we made our offer, 50 bucks lower than the asking price for the sofa/loveseat and chair total but also asked if they would include the end tables.  Yes!! and they threw in a little bookcase and delivery.  Now who can ask for a better deal than that!

The furniture was delivered Thursday evening (the night before Dad's party) so we spent that evening torn between watching the Titans pre-season game and arranging our new furniture.  It took some figuring to get it all in there where it made sense but I think the end result works out!  They had included the red throw pillows on the couch as well and I was finally able to use my red striped curtains and beautiful red framed floral print that we had way back in Antioch. The room came together perfectly and quickly - now we just have to think of ways to make it useful.  We'll have to start a book club, or host meetings in our house for something, or maybe start a knitting circle... oh well it's pretty :)

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