Thursday, September 10, 2009

Charlotte at 7 Months

Time for a Charlotte update!  She is 7 months now (7 1/2 really by the time I am posting this... ) and I can't believe how much of just a little person she is!  She has this amazing personality that she shows off to anyone that will smile at her, it's amazing how many hearts she has captured in the aisles of Target and Kroger alone! Everyone asks if she is a good baby or comments on how happy she is - I couldn't dream up a better baby myself!  She rarely cries and if she is crying you know something is up and it is usually short lived.  Even when she is hungry or dirty or tired she'll let you know by talking to you or just letting out a little whine but does not burst out in screams until you put that first bite in her mouth.  If she sees that you are fixing her food or she is in her highchair she is pretty content just to hang out until it is ready.  I mean really, what more could you ask for!


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  • Charlotte loves babbling and talking to anyone that will listen - dolls included.  She has discovered many new noises: lots of high pitched screeching, gurgling/wookie sounds as Jeff calls it, loves the "hi hi-ya" consonant, coughing (which she tends to do for fun), and many many more.  I love just sitting down and talking back and forth with her.

  • Her and Brady have become fast friends.  If you need Charlotte distracted, send in Brady and she just watches in amazement as he walks across the room.  They love given each other kisses too (They say a dog's mouth is the cleanest place... I just have to trust!)

  • I guess you could say that she is crawling now! She can do it, putting together all the movements, but rarely goes more than 2 "series" before she resorts to rolling or "army crawling" across the floor.

  • No teeth yet! The doctor has said since she was 4 months old that "they are almost here" but nothing yet!  Thank goodness she doesn't seem too bothered by them.  We'll have days where we need some tylenol or orajel but those are rare and never big crying days regardless.

  • Charlotte has started to wave! not huge mind you, but she'll either leave her hand where it is and move her fingers, or put her hand out to you and twist her wrist back and forth - I'd call that a wave!  So sweet :)

  • Charlotte's legs are so strong - of course I think she is a super baby!  She loves walking (with help of course) and is great at taking steps.  She is gonna take off pretty quick I think.  She is standing really well either on her own or bracing on the couch or ottoman.  She is not pulling up yet though so that will have to come first!

  • Charlotte is doing great with veggies and fruits.  We started when she was 6 months old and she loves carrots, squash, sweet potato, plums, pears, and apples.  I am making her food at home which is so much cheaper and healthier! I'll be making some new stuff for her to try soon like green beans, mixed veggies, peaches, apricots, and so on.  yum!

  • She is in the middle of a cold right now :( Just some congestion and a runny nose.  It is making it hard for her to eat and sleep and breathe but she is such a champ.  Again, not crying much (more than normal but not a lot for a sick baby) and handles having her nose saline sprayed and sucked out with as much joy as you can expect!

  • Her favorite toys are a musical farm toy with tons of animal noises, songs, colors, and numbers, then she has her favorite teething rings, her caterpillar that hangs on her car seat, her big orange tickle ball, the bumble ball, and of course her floor gym!  Oh, and Daddy's glasses! anytime she gets her hands on them she pulls them off and they go directly into her mouth.

  • Monkey Toes!  Charlotte has always looooved her feet.  She loved holding them, chewing on them, looking at them - now she uses them like a monkey to play with toys, hold onto her blanket and try to feed herself her bottle.  It's amazing how strong those little boogers are!

  • Charlotte is very adept at holding her bottle now.  It makes me happy because she is a little more self sufficiant if needed, but sad too because she is a big girl that doesn't always want to cuddle and take her bottle. :(

  • She is weighing in at probably 17 lbs at this point and 26+ inches long - she is tall and slender - still wearing some 0-3 month clothes but also in 9 month clothes! go figure.

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