Friday, September 4, 2009

Fantasy Football!

So I have fallen into the world of Fantasy Football this year. I have thought about joining a league for a couple seasons now but never really understood it enough or had a group I wanted to play with. Our small group decided to start a league for our church so its my time to start too! Not saying I understand it all by any means, and yes it is a little strange that I am the only female playing... but I'm looking forward to it!

Our draft was Wednesday night and it was an interesting experience! It was an online draft but most of us got together with all our computers and logged on together so that while we were active online we could joke and talk together. Jeff is playing too of course so it was very good having him with me to help pick my team. I read up on some strategies and the ins and outs of the fantasy world earlier that day so it helped me understand more but also made me more nervous because it can get very in depth and over my head! In the end it was pretty easy because the players were listed in order that yahoo considered them to be ranked most to least desirable. I used some of the other sites I had found to make sure that I was picking the best team for this season. I'm looking forward to getting my first week underway!

Here is the roster for "Sugar and Spice" - take a look at let me know what you think!! FF Roster

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