Monday, September 28, 2009

Fun Weekend!

For those of you that haven't taken a look on my Facebook album, I wanted to share Charlotte's latest photos!  We had so much fun with our little bug this weekend, there were many prime photo taking opportunities! She is such a little cheese for the camera.

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Charlotte Update con't...

Quick Charlotte update:  I did a quick weight check on our scale at home and she is at about 17.5 pounds - still skinny and tall.  We put on some 9 month pjs this week and realized she may not wear them again - way to tall!  They were footed pajamas and they were stretched to the limit, but of course Miss Skinny had inches of fabric to fill out up top.  I do think she is hitting a growth spurt because she has been all about sleeping lately.  She went through a phase when she was sick of not wanting to nap at all, and now we are totally opposite.  She is barely awake before she is yawning and ready for another nap.  Twice this weekend she went to bed hours before normal only to continue to sleep even past her normal wake up time.  She may be adding a couple pounds and inches here soon!

We are still waiting on teeth!  It is getting frustrating for everyone as she is still teething, but has nada to show for it.  Poor kiddo is doing the teething tablets, orajel, tylenol, motrin, teethers, teething bisquits - even mom and dad's fingers - anything to help those sore gums.  I hope we see some results soon!  But I will miss that toothless grin of hers :(

Finger foods have started!  Sunday we went out and got some Gerber Puffs (they are litlle cheerio type foods but are designed to melt easier so they don't have to crunch them) and dissolvable fruit and yogurt pieces, and finally her favorite: teething bisquits!  They make quite a gooey mess but she was digging on them!  Yes, I got pictures :)

She is cruising along furniture like a pro, that girl wants to walk on her own so bad! She has crawling down pat and can disappear around a corner in an instant.  Even with her new found traveling capabilities her favorite thing to do is just crawl someplace she can then pull up and stand there and grin at you like the big girl she is.  This girl melts my heart!

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