Friday, January 23, 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-01-23

  • Hunkering down for the night. #

  • Alright, wired up and ready to wait. Gotta pass a couple of tests before Jordan can eat. :( #

  • Still getting settled. #

  • In our room. Waiting for things to get hooked up. #

  • Got my copy of Left4Dead in the mail today. Or course, I don't have any time to play it now. Such is life. #

  • At the hospital, waiting for our room. #

  • Resting before we head out. #

  • I'm nervous. I'm ready to get to the hospital and get settled. #

  • Wrapping up my various loose ends at work before I head out at noon and join Jordan in prepping to go to the hospital. #

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  1. Soooo beautiful!!! Congratulations!! Love you!!