Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our Last "Hoo-rah!" Saturday @7

Hello friends!

In case you missed the news, we are moving to Huntsville October 1st - that's just over a week away, crazy!!  There are so many people that we want to get together with one last time, but there just aren't enough days or nights until we go - especially considering Jeff is commuting down to Hville 3 days a week this week and next.

Sooooo... Come on over Saturday night!  There is a Ultimate Fighter Championship fight that night on PPV that starts at 8 - we have had many a get together to watch these PPVs and would love to host one more.

I do know that many of you are probably not big fans of UFC, and 8pm may be a bit late for those of you with kiddos to put to bed like me, so come over starting 7 instead!!  I'll make some desserts - even apple dumplings to tempt those of you that know and love them!  We'll just hang out and visit and say our goodbyes. :(  Sorry for the late notice, even if you can just drop in and grab a cookie and a hug anytime between 7 and approx 11, we'd love to see you.

To recap:

7:00-11  desserts at our house

8:00-11  stick around for the UFC fight

125 Crestwood Lane in Lexington Farms

PS - we will be putting out a call soon for help to load the UHaul on the 1st... ;) ;)

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