Friday, September 23, 2011

Brady Boy needs a new home :(

I hate writing this blog post.

We got Brady 5 years ago and he has been a great family member ever since!  He has been with us through 3 moves but won't be able to make this next one to Huntsville with us. ;(

We would love to find a friend or friend of a friend to be able to give him a new home.  We are not asking any money or "adoption fee" for him.  We just want to find someone who will love him!!  If you would love a little pup to add to your family, please read below and see if he would be a good fit for you.  We are leaving Oct 1 and hope to have him in a new home by then.

Some info on Brady:

He is a Puggle  - one of those designer breeds of Pug and Beagle.  He is a good sized dog - 25-30 pounds.  Not too small and not too big :)

He was born May 2006.

He gets along great with kids and other animals.

He can be an outside dog, but prefers to stay inside.  He currently uses a lead system in our backyard as it isn't fenced, while it isn't his favorite, it would be an option for your home too if needed.

He loves being loved  - will take all the petting and belly scratching you can take!!

He always wants to lay on something soft - like a pillow or blanket.

He is kennel trained for when you leave the house or overnight - he really loves his kennel and prefers to sleep in there and will go hang out in his kennel on his own.

He is a very good and sweet and kind dog.

He loves his chew toys, but will only play a round or two of fetch.  He loves chasing a laser or light, or just being chased!

He is not "fixed" but we have never had any issues with marking or over aggressiveness, or "acting out" because of it.

He isn't really a guard dog, as he isn't aggressive, but he will make a lot of noise when someone is at the door, so that can be nice!

He will need all of his vaccinations etc. updated.  This is an area where we are not responsible pet-parents :(

If you have any questions about Brady or want to meet him or take him home, please let me know!  I really don't want to go the craigslist route.

Here are some pictures of Brady over the years

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