Thursday, March 17, 2011

Amateur Photo Session!

Today was a beautiful sunny day, my 'work' day ended a little early, so Charlotte and I decided to head to the park!  Her biggest joy lately has been the slide  - "slide, fast, slide!"  She looked super cute today with her little pony tail and khaki capris so I decided to take our nice camera along.  That then turned into, let's take a different outfit and shoes and hair thing and voila!  Amateur Photo Session Commence!

We took "casual" ;0) photos with her capris and tshirt and pony tail while she was climbing all over the play gym and swinging. (and go figure, she never actually went down the slide today!)

Then we got more "serious" and went to the car to change into a cute little dress, sandals, and brushed the hair all curly like.  We took a walk in the grass and along the path and by Charlotte's request, across the bridge and the little creek.  She loved "run fast," and picking up leaves, and peeking through the rails of the bridge at the babbling brooke.

In the end I took like 182 photos... maybe a handful of those are even good!  I thought when I was out there clicking away with my little finger I was the greatest photographer and was taking perfect picture after perfect picture. :(  But hey, I got a few good ones and we had fun in the sun!!!  More photos are on Facebook or Mobile Me.

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