Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jeff's Video Shoot

I know I know, I have been totally lax at writing in our blog. I promised myself that I would keep up with it even after she was born... Not so much! I may be getting a MacBook of my own soon, and if that happens I think I'll be a better blogger. If I do get a new computer I will be because of my dear husband and all the hard work he is doing today...

Jeff got a call from his old roommate who works at Lifeway about 2 weeks ago. They had a few videos that needed to be done for an authors book release. The catch was that they needed them by the end of the month! Jeff worked hard to pull together quotes and a location and equiptment and a crew. Today was going to be just about the only day to shoot... And it totally stormed this morning. We pulled everything together and made a stop at BP to get some ice and breakfast and the rain and wind just kept coming. We stood inside BP for about 15 minutes looking at the radar and trying to decide what to do.

In the end we chose to go ahead and have everyone meet at the location (which is outdoors) even though it was still raining. After waiting about 2 hours (in our cars!) jeff found a new location that we could use and have some shelter. We shot one video there and then the sun came out!

We are now at the original location and we are enjoying absolutly beautiful weather! The sun is out and the rain is gone, the breeze feels great. Jeff is getting some great shots and we are running ahead of schedule (not too bad for a shoot that started 2 hours late!)

As you can tell I am just relaxing and enjoying this day! I am offically the production assistant - helping load and unload, getting lunch, running errands and of course blogging ;)

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  1. Cool beans! I'm glad the shoot was able to go ahead. God is good!