Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our First Days as a New Family

Charlotte is here! What an amazing feeling it was to be able to announce her arrival to the world. She was born on Friday and we were in the hospital until Monday. We had wonderful visits from family and friends and our church. Everyone loved how tiny and perfect she was!

It was a very surreal time being in the hospital. I felt like she was mine and was so proud to show her off, but at the same time, I was not able to be me. I was bound to my bed until late Saturday night and even then it was slow going! I wouldn't say I was in pain, I had too much pain medication to be able to make that claim! It was just uncomfortable and I was not able to stand up straight or even shift myself in bed without a ton of effort. We were also moved from our large wonderful room to a tiny impersonal room at 11pm on Saturday night - and then moved again! So by Sunday we were getting a little stir crazy and ready to get out of there!

Charlotte did wonderful her first few days. She was so tiny that the clothes and diapers they had from the nursery were way to big and she was just falling out of them. Even though she was so small she was in perfect help and didn't need any additional help breathing or keeping her temperature up. The only issue we had was that she was so small she didn't have the strength to nurser properly. By Monday she had lost weight down to 4 lbs 14 oz, so we had to suppliment with formula. This was not something we had wanted to do, but of course we would do anything she needed.

We headed home on Monday about noon. It was so exciting to be able to take her home! It was so funny seeing this tiny little baby in this huge car seat! And not only was her car seat too big, so were her clothes that we had brought. Poor kid! But she is still the most beautiful baby in the world of course! Overall, our experience was a wonderful one. We had our ups and downs with the hospital and staff, but in the end we have a healthy baby girl and nothing else matters. Now we were home on our own and the adventure begins!

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