Friday, January 27, 2012

Maybe today...

...will start my new routine!  I found some motivation today to actually get my lazy butt up and do something called... I think I remember, it was called exercise?! maybe? ;)

But seriously. I have had the thoughts lately that it has to be all or nothing - a diet, exercise, going to bed on time, etc.  If I don't do it all, then there is no point doing just 1 of those things.  But after a talk with Jeff last night, I decided to change my thinking. We talked about the theory that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. So maybe my goal will be to do something physical/exercise for 21 days.  Then I'll be in the habit of doing it, and can add something else, like dieting.  I won't be changing my whole world all the sudden. I'll have one habit and then can work on adding another and so on and so on.  I can already find a lot of holes in this theory, but I'm gonna focus on the positive here and not list them all out ;)

So, maybe you can help me stay motivated?!  I have found a lot of motivation on Pinterest too.  From quotes, to exercise plans, before and after pictures of other women, food ideas, and so on.  Hopefully that will help more and seeing all the yummy sweets will not dissuade me!

This is my plan for now: Netflix.  They have a ton of exercise videos on instant watch that I am going to cycle through. (for all you fitness gurus out there, I'm sure this isn't the best thing to do, but I'm not dragging myself to a gym right now)  Today I did a pilates video that took 30 minutes.  The great thing was that it didn't feel like 30 minutes (in a good way!) and it was easy enough for my out-of-shape-bootie but still had challenging parts and has 3 levels you can choose from for the future.  There are a lot of videos in the 10 Minute Solution Series that I want to try too -yoga, their pilates, kick boxing, dance, etc.  I'm hoping I will be entertained by their variety.

I was also glad Charlotte LET me do this for 30 minutes!  She has been so "mommy-centered" since the move, it's hard to get her to play on her own.  During the work out she got toys out by herself and I only had to pause to braid Tangled's hair once!  She also did some of the exercising with me!  She has her own exercises that she does that are very cute, but I'm hoping that the more she sees me do, she'll join in with me - especially when it comes time for the dance!  I think this will be a great thing to add in to our daily routine.

After our exercising, I decided we deserved a little spa treatment!  I took a nice shower with a home made sugar scrub that we made at MOPS on Monday.  After that, Charlotte and I pampered ourselves with manis and pedis! Go pink!

Now it's time to relax!  The stretching from the Pilates has lingered and feels good too :)  We'll see if I'm sore at all tomorrow. I'm catching up on my blogging and Charlotte is spending some time with Woody, Jessie, and the gang.  Don't you love her box bed/house/rocket ship/whatever she wants it to be?!

She is showing Jessie the movie.  Isn't that the cutest :)

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  1. Yay for you!! Exercising really makes a difference, and I think that doing videos at home is great. I am not the kind of person to go to a gym but I will do it at home and if that is what works for you, that's awesome! And if it's any encouragement after how frustrated I was since I saw you, I've lost 3 pounds since then! The exercise does work!