Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What a Beautiful Morning!

If you read our potty training post you know we have been cooped up inside most of the last week.  So we took to the outdoors today!  Charlotte has been begging to go outside and I finally feel like she is up to the challenge!  It was an absolutely gorgeous fall day - sun, clouds, nice cool breeze.

We started out by going for a walk, we usually only make it a house or two away and today was no exception. We found this little field and she had so much fun just running and jumping around.  I love these pictures of her - just 2 year old fun :)  (Ok, I'm taking the easy way out of things and putting all the pictures in a gallery instead of posting them one by one under their applicable paragraph.  Forgive me dear reader. Click on the photos to make them larger)

Next up - flying a kite!  We bought this Yo-Gabba-Gabba kite like last year sometime and have yet to use it!  Now we have a yard big enough and today was a easy windy day so Charlotte and I decided to give it a try!   We had soooo much fun!  It took a bit for me to remember how to fly a kite :)  Then I had to fly the kite, figure out how Charlotte can help, and take photos for the memories of course!! I took some video too, I'll try to post it over on FB, I dunno if it will work.

After kite flying we spent a bit long riding scooters and such, Charlotte had a really good go at peddling her trike by herself.  So glad we got outdoors today and got some fresh air!!! Hope we can do it again tomorrow too.

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