Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rescued Kitties!

Well this weekend brought some fun - new kitties! I was at home Friday and kept hearing what I thought was meowing, but didn't really think much of it. About 5 that evening I went out to take out the trash and 2 tiny black kittens crawled out from under the AC unit meowing up a storm! I coaxed them out with food we had from out cat clark (for those of you who do not know, Clark got sick about a month ago and passed away. We never had the heart to throw out all his stuff). While adult food was not the best for these babies, they were starving and could not stop eating. It was getting pretty cold, so I took them in the garage to warm them up and feed them. They were a little skittish at first, but warmed up to me pretty good. Jeff got home from work with Zaxbys for dinner... and actually hung out in the garage for a good 30 minutes before we ate! (for those of you who love Zaxbys and know Jeff's passion for it, this was a big deal! lol) We ended up having a little picnic in the garage to keep an eye on the kittens. They were adjusting well and were very tired, so we set up a little "nest" for them with food and water and they settled in nicely.

Saturday was a busy day for us! We got up and spent some quality time with the kitties, they learned how to use the litter box! and we figured they are probably about 5 weeks old and both boys, but there is no way for us to know for sure until they are old enough for their first vet visit. We left them in the garage for the day while we were running our errands. We picked up our nursery furniture finally! We don't have a room to set it up in yet, but it is wonderful knowing we have it all just about ready to go :) We also made a target run and visited petsmart to pick up some new litter, kitten food, and a couple toys for our "foster kids."

When we got home I undertook the job of bathing them... cats are not huge on baths ya know, so it was a messy job! They were too young to use even kitten shampoo, so we used dawn dish soap - crazy I know. They smell like Apple Blossoms now :) We had a few traumatic moments, but they smell better and are much softer and hopefully are flea-less. To reward them for the bath time (and because they are now clean) we let them hang out inside with us while they dried and introduced them to their new toys. I guess we are softies, cause we have kindof moved them indoors semi-permanently! Partially because it was so cold last night and even the garage was pretty chilly, plus, we liked having them around. We have put up a baby gate for the office and brought in their food, water, blanket, toys, and litter, so they are right at home. They are enjoying being around us and have become very cuddly and love running around playing together too.

And before you ask... we do not know what we are going to do yet - keep them or find homes for them. Regardless, we are going to care for them for a few weeks until they are at least 8 weeks before we separate them to different homes and so they are able to grow and feel somewhat stable. We are back and forth every 5 minutes on what we want to do... I guess if we never decide the decision will be made for us! Here is a photo of the babies, there are more at if you want to take a peek at our little ones.


  1. Just keep them away from Jana.

  2. They really are the cutest and the littlest things you've ever seen! Little black bundles of fur but with little cat attitudes already. So funny. Josh, why don't you want Jana to see them? Don't you think she would just love one (or two) ? Oh wait, maybe she's allergic, maybe that's it!